Yuri Yatsko: Refugee crisis was engineered intentionally
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8/10/2015 Intervju / Avtor:Aleš Kocjan Yuri Yatsko Neža Hladnik (translator)
Foto: Yuri Yatsko (photo: Private)

Yuri Yatsko has a PhD in physics. He is a psychologist and a master in increasing mental ability. He is originally from Russia, but has lived and worked in Slovenia for over two decades. In Slovenia, he has established himself by counselling companies and managers and with a guidance program for personal growth. He says he is a never-ending explorer. He observes civilization based on insights into the ways of its management. First, there is the structural way, where authority belongs and it’s subordinated to the second, more powerful – nonstructural way, the later working on many levels. High ranking place in hierarchy of nonstructural levels belongs to culture and its values.

We have discussed refugee crisis, which has become an issue throughout Europe, with Yuri. He is pessimist about European existence, as he says, every culture that has no true and powerful values is doomed.

How to solve the refugee crisis?

What media shows us is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of what is happening is hidden to wide population. Drowned and suffocated people in trucks is a huge disaster and a crime. But at the same time essentially more people are dying in places where those people flee from. Now that is an even bigger disaster and an even greater crime.

Europe has a duty to help troubled people. But primarily Europe has to be aware of what is really going on, otherwise it can their help create even bigger crisis and cause more victims.

What started the problem? If we want to understand the process, we have to go back to its origins.

Where do these refugees come from? They come from Arabic world, the Middle East and Northern Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sub-Saharan Africa.

What happened that people flee from their countries?

If we look back what has happened in the last 15 years, we can see that some of the biggest superpower nations, mostly USA, had intentionally created chaos. They had at the expense of other nations solved their economic, political and geopolitical problems. It is nothing unusual about that. It is unethical but more rational and when it comes to personal interest with individual or with the state, the moral always gives in first.

What is Europe’s role in this process?

Europe had mostly followed the interests and politics of the USA.

We have seen this in the invasion of Iraq, where they wanted to “spread democracy”, but that was just self-deceit. Instead of democracy, there was desolation, chaos and a lot of innocent dead people. European leaders have watched and saw what has happened. And here I see their burden of responsibility. If they were more restraint when invading Iraq, they certainly had none when Libya and Syria were destroyed. Even though they knew what will happen and where is all leading to.

The situation happening in the Middle East and Northern Africa is described as controlled chaos. The problem is that no politician is responsible for decisions they make.

Europe has participated in ruining stable regime. All of these regimes with downfalls and upgrades were making the region stable. Things were in order but at the same time they were subordinated to the interests of the USA and the West. Even Gaddafi has started to collaborate with the West in the final stages. Therefore, even the theory speculating that they destroyed these regimes because they opposed the West is wrong. All the revolutions in the so-called Arabic Spring were caused to make chaos. The consequence is suffering people. But this is not a true cause for refugee crisis.

And what are its’ true reasons?

To fully understand what really happened, we have to explain some theoretical assumptions.

To start any kind of serious process anywhere in the society, we have to create information foundation in people’s minds.

How did revolutions such as Arabic Spring and others evolve?

First, media and other social media created a massive informational pressure that stated: everything is bad here, no democracy, no human rights, people are unsatisfied. It did not matter whether that was true or not. For example; Libya had very high life standard and social rights like only a few highly developed European countries have. Nevertheless, a negative opinion was already made in the society. But for a country like Libya, that was not enough to start a fake revolution. For that purpose, a small group of specially trained people entered. And because the country is big, local dissatisfaction had to be made. When a proper informational foundation is being created and we have a small group of people, an interesting process occurs, called autosynchronization.

What exactly is this process?

It is known that, if you put within a certain mass of people, for example, a football stadium, a group of people, around 5-7% of all spectators and acting according explicit instructions and out of context – for no reason at all - starts clapping or screaming unintentionally, soon everybody on that stadium will start to act the same. In less than 10 minutes, a whole stadium will react identical than that small group of people, regardless of what is happening on that stadium. For controlling a massive crowd, is therefore essential to have a control over a small group, around 5-7 percent of its population.

That is a fact. Natural mechanism. After the informational foundation an active small group starts to have an effect on autosynchronization. Soon everybody else starts to act like them. With or without reason. In Libya, for example, there were no grounds for massive dissatisfaction. In unstable countries you do not have to do a lot to ruin them. In Libya, powerful process indicators were necessary that mostly come from non-governmental organizations and are being financed from the same source.

How does this mechanism affect refugee crisis?

It is the same with refugees.

The only way to solve the crisis in the Middle East and Northern Africa is a populations’ consolidation.

Choosing new leaders, to stabilize the country, economy and to establish normal living conditions for the people. That is how the problem was always solved in these regions.

But now people have another alternative that says: Why should I occupy myself with unfixable problem, when I can immigrate to Europe and have a nice job, social security, great health insurance…?

The wave of refugees was made artificially by informational foundation spread all over the countries where refugees come from. The same structures that created revolutions and overthrow of a government in regions where now prevails chaos and where the refugees are coming from are nowadays dealing with logistic and financial support for the refugees. We hear that from everyday news.

Just think about it. Suddenly a giant multimillion wave of refugees appeared. How is this possible? Was it in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq any better last year than now? Has life in those countries drastically changed? Of course not. But the refugees did not immigrate in such huge numbers. Therefore, it is obvious that the wave was not spontaneous but artificially created process.

So the refugee wave is artificially made?

No doubt about that. The project of surveillance chaos in the Middle East and Northern Africa was meant from the beginning to start the refugee wave. If we say that this was a spontaneous process then we believe in miracles. But in the world we live in, there is no such thing as a miracle.

There is also a project of caliphate Europe. And it is not just a crazy idea.

But to emphasize: we cannot judge people who are fleeing. They are the victims of crimes on different levels.

In what way is the West bound to help the economic migrants, fleeing from poverty?

The guilt of the West is not only that they intentionally destabilized regimes from where people are coming from. More serious reason lies in the accumulation of wealth in Western world. The wealth does not come only from exploiting natural resources from poor countries, but comes also from the preexisting financial system.

How much does it cost to print a hundred dollar bill? Ten cents, at most. In the USA they have canceled the golden standard, because they do not have enough gold to cover for newly printed bills. Now, they do not even have to print, because they create virtual money by entering the data into bank terminal.

People from poorer countries that need dollars, have to produce and sell goods for the money that The States are creating it from nothing. That is the most profitable business in the world. By doing so, the United States have over decades spent more than 50 percent more than they have actually created. All this time they were living on credit, financed by the poor states.

Europe was doing the same. Though its high standard was also provided from cultural and working tradition and not only with exploitation, but nevertheless, Europe was a part of it.

What is the best way to help refugees?

The plan from the West to share the refugees proportionally or to accept quotas of migrants is a common sense. But, for example, refugees are not willing to stay in Hungary where, they say, is worse than in homeland. They want to go to other European countries. So the situation is not as simple as it seems.

But if we divide responsibility proportionally, than the USA should accept at least two third of refugees. Europe should send a major part of people to the USA, what would be a cheaper and logical solution for Europe. But this will never happen, because the United States of America only prolong their existence with chaos they helped creating.

The USA are in a pretty bad condition. They have greater debt than the Greek. They are on the verge of bankruptcy. The bubble will burst eventually, which means total collapse of the USA. A decade ago that would also mean a global economic collapse, but now we also have other super powers; China, India, South America is rising, Russia is getting stronger as well. But all the same, a crisis in the United States would still have a great impact all over the world.

What can refugees expect from life in Europe?

If we listen to what the people are saying, they all want to go to the countries with high social security and high standard: Germany, France, Great Britain and Scandinavian lands.

Few days ago we witnessed a warm welcome for all refugees from German people. But let us wait and see if the opinions will change in a couple of months, when the state budget for migrants will be empty.

What will they do? Will they all get a job? Of course not. Only a small percentage will get it, because of an unemployment rate problem in Europe. In Southern Europe the unemployment rate is higher than 20 percent. The immigrants will be placed in Center for Foreigners and will receive basic social support.

Meanwhile in the society; western politics has already realized the multicultural project had fallen apart. Also the integration of immigrant in the European culture is not going as planned. It is vice versa. Representatives of European culture are assimilating into the immigrant environment. Statistics show that.

Why is this happening?

The assimilation only happens with clear values or ethics and healthy moral. But in Europe is now like with the decline of the Roman Empire. Total Decadence. All traditional values are falling apart and it is clear that foreign people cannot see stability and a sense of perspective.

Most of these people come from Muslim environment where beliefs and principles are clearer than European. Once, in Europe, Christianity had assured proper moral values, but that is gone now. It lost its power and value. Most of Christian values, like family, taking care of elderly people etc. is slowly coming to an end. A lot of immigrants are therefore clinging on their traditional Islamic morals.

What is the value system inside Islam?

If we take a closer look inside Islamic world we sadly discover the radicalization process. Traditional form of Islam, which is in my opinion generally healthy with better moral values than currently in Europe, is very weak. Radical Islamic movement, artificially made in the last decades, is more aggressive and fast enforcing its influence. And we know for a fact, that Islamic clergy is under huge pressure and radical Islamic movement had declared bounty hunting on the clergy. In the last few decades there were hundreds of Islamic religious dignitaries killed in Russia.

What will be the side effect of settling mostly Muslim people in Europe?

In Europe are coming a lot of disappointed people that are angry of what has happened in their homeland. And because of the western politics they are at the same time also mad on west in general. They think that life in Europe will be so much better for them, but they will not be able to achieve the same standard than Europeans have. Because there will not be enough jobs for them, enclaves will start to form where all the refugees will live with no job and equality with Europeans. This will also happen because of working and other cultural differences between Europe and other countries. These people will mostly live by social support, which has to be provided from countries they live in. But the consequences will be huge; marginalization, crime, hooliganism … Many of them will become victims of previously mentioned radical Islamic groups.

Meanwhile, the dissatisfaction over immigrants will occur among Europeans. That was already seen in recent riots in Germany and Scandinavia.

When the Islamic population rate will achieve critical mass of 5-7% (at least locally), which will happen soon according to the intensity of the wave, the Europeans will start to convert to Islam, because they lost all moral and religious values. The process of autosynchronization will activate. And that is bound to happen in near future, ten to maximum twenty years.

Information says that many western people of non Islamic origin, have already joined the so called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). So the process of autosynchronization is already unwinding but due to a small group of radical Muslims it is not yet so huge. It will become massive when the critical mass is achieved.

How dramatic will these changes be?

The spread of radical Islam in Europe will cause chaos like we see today in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Nothing else is to be expected. But chaos in Europe will be much more severe.

The Radical right Opposition in Europe will not last long, because it will join the other side and accept the more qualitative Islamic values system. And that goes for any kind of movement that has “shaky ground”. It will be doomed.

European culture will not only vanish in sense of population, but also literature, art and historical monuments will disappear. That is what radical groups are doing. They are wiping history, destroying memorials. Do you think they will spare the Europe? By wiping nations, even civilizations are creating humans without history and those are easier to manipulate.

The consequences will be so severe that currently present form of civilization will completely stop. A melting pot, a cocktail will be made, from where a new order, a new system will grow. But I do not exclude the possibility that also something better than now can happen.

How should Europe solve the refugee problem?

Refugees arrive in Europe because they are troubled and forced into. They are victims but also a tool of social engineering to transform Europe. This leads to chaos from where they have fled. And because of that, the refugee problem must be solved in more profound way.

People in transit, standing on the doorstep of Europe, need help and acceptance. But after that we must disillusion ourselves. Reasons need to be solved. But reasons are still hot topic for most of the world leaders and media.

Chaos in the Middle East and North Africa needs to finish. Supporting radical movements that represent themselves as fighters for freedom and democracy needs to cease. An absurd situation happens when in some cases the West supports these movements in certain countries but otherwise they treat them as terrorist and start a war against them.

Europe should stop fantasizing about democracy in those regions and start helping regimes that give stability. In Syria, Assad is the only person who is able to stand against ISIL. Nobody else is really fighting against it. West coalition is self-deceit against ISIL. If Assad falls, ISIL prevails Syria and there is only a matter of time when other opponents would join in. But not because only bad people are in those oppositions, but because of the autosynchronization process. That is the nature’s law.

Do you think, that the USA are the only ones responsible for that kind of politics?

Behind the creating and accepting process of refugees, the players are the same. I do not want to point finger only on the States. It is more than meets the eye.

The USA are in this situation being a little selfish, which is not that bad, because everybody has to take care of themselves first. The United States are saving their skin for now because they will eventually have the same problem. They are just a few years ahead of us. There are others, much more important players and for them the USA is only a player on the chessboard. The USA are a queen, but the king decides about important things.

Than who is the true mastermind behind all this?

I wish not to discuss about that who is behind all this obviously fake activity. I speak as a European citizen where I and my children live. I am worried about spreading chaos into Europe. Killing and collapse of the economy.

Of course, someone is guiding these global processes that we are talking about. But what difference does it make if we all know who that is?

No matter what, we all see what is going on. We must use our rationality to be an active players in this process, not just standing aside.

People from this area should be well aware how fast can the violence spread like it did in the Balkans. That war was a process of autosynchronization. People living in peace like neighbors and families for decades, suddenly became the worst enemies in the worst way possible and started killing children and loved ones.

How to sum up your thoughts about refugee crisis?

If we wish to avoid the situation we need to start from its source.

There is no refugee solution in Europe. Europe has means to accept only a limited number of people not adopting millions. It is essential that Europe redirects its sources and means to its origin. Because Europe was doing the opposite until now the price will be high. But still not as high as if would be if the problem would be ignored.

It is good to have in mind what has happened with the Roman Empire. Total collapse, degradation and hundreds of centuries of darkness that followed.

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